Laid-back blogging in August
Reflections on a blogging break

Goals - September 2014

  September 2014 goals | RISING*SHINING

Yay September! It was really (really) awesome to take a blogging break for the month of August but I'm so happy to be back in this space and to reconnect with all of you. It's still blazing hot here but I swear I feel a change in the air (at least before 7 am when it's pleasant outside) and the season of a new school year always brings me renewed energy. At least I can squint and see the end of October, when surely the temperatures will be on their way down. 

I am so, so excited about the coming fall and winter, there's so much to look forward to! From exploring the outdoors with Dashiell, baking and cooking fall-ish things, wearing jeans (and not sweating), eating dinner outside, and of course meeting our little one! But I'm getting ahead of myself...

This month, I'll be six months pregnant (whoa!) and I hope to share a pregnancy update this week or next. My August update never quite materialized but everything is going really well: I feel really good, my belly is growing and the baby kicks a lot. I love the daily reminder of the little companion I'm carrying. We're tackling our pre-baby-to-do list, which I plan to share next week, and generally just feel really excited.

But on to goals. On my list for September are:

+ Finish Dash's six month - one year photo album. I love Dash's birth - six month photo album but still haven't finished the second installment to catch up to a year. Managing photos continues to be a tough one for me.

+ Go on a weekend get-away with Chris! It will be our first weekend with both of us away from Dashiell but I know he'll do great with our awesome babysitter and I'm so looking forward to escaping to the mountains and cooler weather.

+ Move Dashiell into his new bedroom! I'll share some updates of the new bedroom we've been readying for Dash, I think he's going to love it.

+ Plan a fall craft to lift my spirits dampened by the heat.

Happy September, friends!