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Goals - September 2014

Laid-back blogging in August


This month I'm taking a semi-break from blogging. A mini-summer vacation, if you will. Or as much of a vacation as I can give myself while still working full time. :) I'm looking forward to having a some extra time for hanging with my guys before the school year starts for Chris again in a couple weeks. And when I pick up my regular schedule in September, fall will be on the horizon (the distant horizon but still!).

I'll share a 20 weeks pregnancy update this month (!) but otherwise I'll be back to regular posts on Mondays and Wednesdays starting in September.

The Girl Next Door Podcast will still be airing every other week with a new episode coming this Wednesday so I'll hope you'll hang out with me there. This week we're getting a peek at Erica's book, Candid Classroom, which is out this week! I am already several chapters into my copy and I would highly recommend it for anyone with kiddos in school or kiddos who will be going to school in a few years. It's personable, funny and offers great practical tips. I'm so proud of my friend for this huge accomplishment and I hope you'll connect with Erica on her blog and on Facebook

Happy August!