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Homemade deep dish pizza

  Homemade deep dish pizza | RISING*SHINING

I love homemade pizza (clearly). And a few weeks ago we upped our homemade pizza game by venturing into deep dish pizza territory. I love a thick crust pizza and this version did not disappoint.

Instead of Trader Joe's pizza dough, normally our go-to, Chris makes the fabulous dough from Dinner: A Love Story. I use about two-thirds of the dough and pressed it into a 9-inch cake pan. Then, I top it Chicago-style, first slathering on sauce (Trader Joe's, naturally) and then toppings and cheese. Lately, our favorite toppings include mushrooms, marinated artichokes and jalapenos, latest pizza topping obsession.

The first time we made this, all we had on hand was feta and canned parmesan but I loved the combination and it continues to top our pizzas. The leftover dough is perfect for making a calzone the next night.

We bake the pie at 375 for 25 minutes and then spend the next 20 minutes raving over how delicious and perfect the pizza is. 

Homemade deep dish pizza | RISING*SHINING

Happy pizza making!