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I have a bad habit I don't think I've mentioned: I pick at my cuticles. It's something I do absentmindedly but mostly when I'm stressed about something, usually work-related. As far as bad habits go, I suppose it's not terrible, but it drives me crazy. It leaves my hands looking unpresentable and it makes me feel unprofessional and unfeminine to have hands I want to hide in my pockets.

One funny/interesting thing about this bad habit is that it seems to run in my family! It's something that my mom, sister, uncle (my mom's brother) and cousin all admit doing, isn't that weird?

Anyway, this is a habit I'm really interested in breaking. I'm really making an effort! Here are a few things I've found that help:

+ Always having lotion with me. I try to always have hand lotion at my desk at work, around the house, and in my purse. Sometimes I think I just need something to do with my hands and putting on lotion helps. It also helps to keep my hands moisturized to prevent dry skin that I could pick at.

+ Trimming dry skin around my cuticles. I keep a cuticle trimmer at my desk at work to trim dry skin. It seems that work is where I am most likely to absentmindedly or stressfully pick at my cuticles. 

And what I've found really helps:

+ Keeping my nails painted. When I occasionally get a manicure I'm really motivated to keep my hands looking nice. I rarely paint my nails at home but I don't see myself getting a manicure every other week so I'm trying to consistently paint my nails more at home. I'm eager to try an at home gel manicure, which Erica is obsessed with and her nails always look fabulous.

Is this a bad habit any of you have? Or have you broken it? If so, tell me your secrets!