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Planning a Montessori toddler environment

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I've had a vision for a Montessori-inspired space for Dashiell in our breakfast area off the kitchen since I was pregnant. I was describing my vision to my mom, saying that Dash would have a little table where he can eat snacks and work on projects and a shelf where he can keep a plate and utensils, a little broom and dustpan and a plant that he can water. My mom, forever witty and funny, remarked on all the "little responsibilities" that he would have. In two beats we were laughing and calling it the Toddler Area of Responsibility. This makes me laugh every time; little Dashiell with all of his adorable responsibilities! Welcome to my family's humor.

Similar toddler areas that KylieMeg and Sarah shared were my original inspiration and Erica's guest post on encouraging independence really resonated with my want to create this type of space for Dashiell. We recently sold our breakfast table and are ready to set up Dashiell's toddler area. I'm so excited to finally see this come to fruition! From my inspiration board, this is what we are envisioning in the space:

1. Low shelf / we're investigating building something ourselves because we want something very simple and some options are pricey.

2. Small wooden chair (we already own this and Dashiell loves to sit in it on his own)

3. Rug (hey, I like that name!)

4. Child-size dustpan and broom / and another option

5. Wooden table

6. Toddler apron / this might be my next sewing project.

Once we have the space set up I'll share my ideas about additional activities (and responsibilities!) that I'd like to incorporate in the space.

Thank you, Kylie, for permission to use images from her beautiful How We Montessori Shop.