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Photo Challenge // May


f/5.6 1/10

Dashiell is so in to books right now. He will pick out a book, bring it over and "hand" it to us (which looks very similar to throwing it at us) and then turn around and plop down in our laps or situate himself in his chair. It is the best.

I peeked into Dashiell's room while these two were reading the other evening and was able to snap a picture without disrupting the moment. I like that this captures an everyday moment and that it's not a close-up, detail shot, which is something I do often.

The photo is a little dark and not in as sharp as focus as I'd like. I'm not sure how to push my camera in these low light conditions, perhaps an external flash? But the point of this is to take pictures, even if they aren't perfect, and I'm glad I took this one.

The Photo Challenge Next Door is a collaboration with my next door neighbor Erica from Laddventure. We're both switching our cameras to manual mode and sharing one photo per month. Check out all of my Photo Challenge photos here.You can see Erica's photos here.