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I'm having a serious love affair with podcasts lately, and not just because I have one. I spend about 40 minutes in the car each way to work four days a week (I work from home on Fridays) and it's become time that I can use for entertainment or to learn something new. I used to really look forward to listening to NPR news but for some reason it's been unbearably depressing to me lately. I keep trying to get back into it but, I swear, as soon as I switch on the radio if it's not a story on... Read more →

I've had a vision for a Montessori-inspired space for Dashiell in our breakfast area off the kitchen since I was pregnant. I was describing my vision to my mom, saying that Dash would have a little table where he can eat snacks and work on projects and a shelf where he can keep a plate and utensils, a little broom and dustpan and a plant that he can water. My mom, forever witty and funny, remarked on all the "little responsibilities" that he would have. In two beats we were laughing and calling it the Toddler Area of Responsibility. This... Read more →

Over the course of three blog posts I'm sharing how my podcast, The Girl Next Door Podcast, is made. So far, I've shared the equipment that we use and how we publish our show online. This week I'm sharing tips for recording that we've learned while producing the show. + For each show, make an outline and become really familiar with it. We've found that we like to write out our intro and exit text but otherwise keep the outline general to encourage natural conversation. When we were too detailed in our outline we focused too much on what we'd... Read more →

Here's some Kelsey truth: I am a huge fan of pancakes but super picky about them. To the point that I prefer our homemade pancakes over most restaurant pancakes (this might sound familiar). What I want from a pancake is for it to be something more than the standard buttermilk variety (yaaaawn). Give me something with whole grain or an interesting flour base (buckwheat! rye!), so it's hearty and healthy and keeps me full for a while. Chris usually doesn't get excited about pancakes for this same reason. But we recently came across a whole grain, high-protein pancake recipe that... Read more →

A few weeks ago, I carried Dashiell across the street on my hip to check the mail after work. As I pulled out the stack of letters and fliers I noticed a slim package with the return address: Remedy Quarterly, San Francisco. Butterflies flooded my stomach as I realized that the unassuming parcel contained the latest issue of one of my favorite publications and in this issue I was a featured author. I was holding my creative writing in print for the first time. Inside, I set Dash down to play and I felt unexpectedly nervous as I held words... Read more →

Over the course of three blog posts I'm sharing how my podcast, The Girl Next Door Podcast, is made. Last week, I shared the equipment that we use and this week I'd like to share how we publish our show online. Before creating the first episode of our podcast, I thought that surely figuring out the equipment and recording our voices would be the hardest part of a podcast. That turned out to be the easy part (at least for us)! What stumped and frustrated me for a long time was how to share our show with listeners. To share... Read more →

Even though May will bring temperatures that are undeniably hot it will also bring a slower pace to life since Chris is on summer vacation. The house tends to stay cleaner, dinner is ready when I get home from work and there are no working weekends or evening lectures. Even as I type that I feel myself relaxing. As I was making my May goals I found myself putting an exclamation point behind each one. Surely that means that good things are to come this month. + Try a new hairstyle! This is one of my 2014 goals! I recently... Read more →