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An Undertone of Citrus

A few weeks ago, I carried Dashiell across the street on my hip to check the mail after work. As I pulled out the stack of letters and fliers I noticed a slim package with the return address: Remedy Quarterly, San Francisco. Butterflies flooded my stomach as I realized that the unassuming parcel contained the latest issue of one of my favorite publications and in this issue I was a featured author. I was holding my creative writing in print for the first time.

Inside, I set Dash down to play and I felt unexpectedly nervous as I held words I had written. Words describing something so very close to my heart: my growing belly, my journey growing into being a mother, and my growing affection for citrus during my pregnancy in a story called An Undertone of Citrus along with a recipe for Whole Orange Cake.

An Undertone of Citrus |

An Undertone of Citrus |

I opened the stiff golden cover of the magazine to the table of contents and found my name and story listed first. I felt humbled and so proud. If someone were to read the magazine cover to cover, my story would be the first that they read. 

I waited until after Dashiell was asleep to re-read my story; I knew I would want to savor it. I turned to the beginning and I couldn't believe the gorgeous, vibrant photos of citrus on the title page. Kelly (the editor) had told me a photographer would take photos for my story but I had no idea what was planned. The amazing Liz Clayman took the photographs that make my story and recipe shine. Thank you so much, Liz!

As I read my story of pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother I was filled with nostalgia and gratitude. The story took me back so vividly to a time before Dashiell was born when I could only imagine what being a mother would be like and to the tender emotions of early motherhood. I'm so thankful to have had this opportunity to capture this time of my life in this way; I don't think I would have written the story otherwise.

An Undertone of Citrus |

An Undertone of Citrus |

Being published in Remedy Quarterly had been a personal goal of mine since I started reading the magazine a few years ago. The quarterly publication is an adorable collection of personal writing accompanied by recipes perfectly described as "Stories of food, recipes for feeling good." I'm so thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you, Kelly!

Remedy Quarterly is only available in print and I would highly recommend it for yourself or as a gift for anyone you know who loves food. I gifted my mom a subscription as an early Mothers' Day gift! And if you would like the opportunity to pitch a story, sign up for Kelly's email list, anyone is welcome to submit story ideas.