Evening birdwatching
Using an editorial calendar

Photo Challenge // March


f/5.6 1/400

I took this at the nature reserve near our house on my way home from work. A simple thing like stopping somewhere on my way home from work feels so liberating. My days tend to be very structured now and I go from home to daycare to work to daycare to home without much variation. Getting out of my routine, even by a few minutes, felt refreshing.

Now that I have published four photos as part of this photo challenge I can look at the collection and make some observations. Obviously I love to place my subject on the right. I'm more likely to shoot something close up than a larger scene. And more likely to make an inanimate object my subject than not. I don't mind if my photographs have a particular look and feel but I don't want to only choose what is comfortable. Shooting in manual mode is becoming less scary (hooray!) so I think the next step is to look for more challenging subjects.

The Photo Challenge Next Door is a collaboration with my next door neighbor Erica from Laddventure. We're both switching our cameras to manual mode and sharing one photo per month. Click the sidebar button to see all my Photo Challenge photos.
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