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Goals - May 2014

Photo Challenge // April

Using camera in manual mode |

f/8 1/1600

It's so hard for me to get an in-focus picture of Dashiell these days. Certainly I can't do it with my phone, which has enough delay that there's at least always a blurry limb. In this photo, Dashiell was mesmerized by a small twig and leaf that he found on the ground as he explored our patio area (completely naked, by the way). I love his look of concentration, his fat cheeks that curve out and the fuzzy back of his neck.

The Photo Challenge Next Door is a collaboration with my next door neighbor Erica from Laddventure. We're both switching our cameras to manual mode and sharing one photo per month. Check out all of my Photo Challenge photos here.You can see Erica's April Photo Challenge here.