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April 2014

This past Saturday we celebrated Dashiell's first trip around the sun and our first year as parents! It was my favorite get together we've ever hosted. I still sort of can't believe that Chris and I hosted a first birthday party; it's one of those things that seems like something adults do and then I realize, oh wait! that's us now! We kept the affair simple by throwing a backyard party with snacks, drinks and cake and I was able to do all the grocery shopping and food prep on Saturday before the party. Special thanks to Erica, who dashed... Read more →

This year I committed to approaching my blog more seriously. My blog represents a creative space and community that is so important to me and because of that I'd love to grow the community and to improve as a writer. I'm so happy and proud that I have been able to keep up a pretty consistent posting schedule since making this commitment, despite the fact that life is very full. I hope that as a result you're finding this space more inviting and interesting! The number one thing that has helped transform my approach to blogging from casual to committed... Read more →

f/5.6 1/400 I took this at the nature reserve near our house on my way home from work. A simple thing like stopping somewhere on my way home from work feels so liberating. My days tend to be very structured now and I go from home to daycare to work to daycare to home without much variation. Getting out of my routine, even by a few minutes, felt refreshing. Now that I have published four photos as part of this photo challenge I can look at the collection and make some observations. Obviously I love to place my subject on... Read more →

The early evening weather has been golden and perfect and I've come to look forward to spending it outside with Dashiell every day. Chris has been making dinner on most days so Dashiell perches on my hip and we head to the front or back yard to see what we can see. After our busy days (mine of commuting, working in front of a computer and managing many demands of my time and Dash's of being in a busy room with other children) I can feel my mind relax as my feet hit the grass and I love to be... Read more →

Compared to most months, which seem to whiz by, March felt gloriously long. Perhaps because it was so full of fun things. We traveled to Austin, the weather was glorious, I started a new position at work (and L-O-V-E it), I made great progress on my e-course by scheduling additional interviews and having a review session of my course outline with Erica, Team Wharton had a great time riding our bikes, and I hosted a backyard neighbor happy hour(!). With the warm winter that we've had I'm fearful that April will quickly turn into early summer. But shhhhhh, let's not... Read more →