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(Homemade) pizza night

Homemade pizza night |

You know I love finding little things to get excited over. And that I can turn anything into a tradition (even stuff I make up). Pizza night is the best of both AND it's delicious. Knowing that we're having pizza when I get home from work is a perfect the little zing in an otherwise ho-hum Tuesday. 

We order out pizza on occasion but you know what? I like our homemade pizza better! There have even been a few times that Chris has suggested we order pizza but I convinced him we shouldn't because I prefer the pizza we make ourselves. I sort of can't believe myself either.

To make our homemade pizza we use Trader Joe's pre-made dough (one whole wheat and one garlic herb) and pizza sauce (the kind in the refrigerated section!) to make two pizzas. Before we leave for work on the morning of Pizza Night we set out each dough to rise, coated in olive oil, in a covered bowl.

When we get home the oven gets preheated to 425 degrees and each dough is pressed out on to a cookie sheet. The dough is then pre-baked for 10 minutes while toppings are chopped. Our favorite pizza toppings include: diced red bell peppers, pesto (if I have any on hand) marinated artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, herbed feta and mozzarella.

Once the pre-baked crusts are adorned with toppings they are popped back in the oven for 10-15 minutes. And then pizza night is on.

P.S. Have you tried grilled pizza?

P.P.S. Looks like our favorite toppings haven't changed much. ;)