A first birthday party for Dashiell
Dashiell at twelve months

Happy, happy birthday to my darling Dashiell!



Happy FIRST birthday to my little Dashiell-llama! I am so filled with love and gratitude for my healthy, happy son and for being his mama.

One year ago today it was my due date and before the day was over I was holding my baby boy. What an incredible day and what an incredible year. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it all. There were challenges and adjustments to be sure but what an incredible year.

I'm taking the day off of work today to celebrate my sidekick and a year of motherhood. This morning Chris and I are going out for a breakfast date just the two of us to celebrate an awesome and very full first year of parenthood and then I'll spend the rest of the day with Dashiell, my one year old!

Happy birthday, Dashiell!


Darby Simon took the beautiful top photo of our little family and thank you to Megan for the photo from Dash's birthday!