Backyard neighbor happy hour
Evening birdwatching

Goals - April 2014


Compared to most months, which seem to whiz by, March felt gloriously long. Perhaps because it was so full of fun things. We traveled to Austin, the weather was glorious, I started a new position at work (and L-O-V-E it), I made great progress on my e-course by scheduling additional interviews and having a review session of my course outline with Erica, Team Wharton had a great time riding our bikes, and I hosted a backyard neighbor happy hour(!).

With the warm winter that we've had I'm fearful that April will quickly turn into early summer. But shhhhhh, let's not talk of it quite yet. I will proudly exist in my summer denial as long as I possibly can, which I think will be somewhere around 97 degrees.

It seems that every year I forget how crazy the end of the semester is for Chris and how stressful it can be for me by association. Currently my partner in all things fun and domestic is subsumed in furious grant-writing, meetings, and end-of-the-year events. Perhaps one year I'll remember the looming busyness and we'll stock the freezer with burritos and clear our calendar for the months of April and May. Isn't that a lovely thought?

In the past couple of weeks I've fallen off what was becoming a good exercise habit. I mentioned this to Chris and he said, "Well, you've been working a lot!" And I realized that, yes, staying up past 10 or 11 most nights does tend to kill my motivation to get up and at 'em at 5 a.m. The work I've been tending to is all of my own doing though. It's this blog, my very awesome podcast with Erica, and my e-course. It's work that I love and it's easy to let it take priority over sleep and exercise.

All of this is to preface my April goals, which are a nod to all that is already going on right now but also to the need to get back to some basic healthy habits. These will keep me feeling on my game as we sprint into summer.

+ Take a vitamin everyday. This is a simple, easy thing that I can do for my health each day. I was great abut taking a prenatal vitamin each day during pregnancy and pretty good while I was exclusively breastfeeding, but the habit has fallen by the wayside.

+ Exercise three times a week. Our family workout calendar really helps! And stretching for 20 minutes totally counts as exercise.

+ Drink two Nalgenes (32 oz.) of water at work each day.

And I think that's all I can commit to right now!

Happy April!