Goals - April 2014
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Evening birdwatching

  How to connect with your child as a full time working mom |RISING*SHINING

The early evening weather has been golden and perfect and I've come to look forward to spending it outside with Dashiell every day. Chris has been making dinner on most days so Dashiell perches on my hip and we head to the front or back yard to see what we can see.

After our busy days (mine of commuting, working in front of a computer and managing many demands of my time and Dash's of being in a busy room with other children) I can feel my mind relax as my feet hit the grass and I love to be completely focused on Dashiell. I can tell that it's calming for Dashiell too as the outdoors has always been for him.  

How to connect with your child as a full time working mom |RISING*SHINING

Dash loves to point, especially to birds and planes and passing cars, and so we look around, scan the sky and point to what we see. When we're in the front yard, sometimes a neighbor stops for a chat. Flocks of geese or ducks that fly right overhead are the most exciting and we hear the whoosh, whoosh of their beating wings as they pass. Dash gapes with an open mouth and tells me that he's impressed with a "Dah!" 

Having little rituals with Dash is something I've found to help me stay connected with him even as I spend my work days away from him. I especially love making a habit of being outdoors together. What I love is that I didn't set out to make a ritual of birdwatching every evening with Dashiell. It was just something I love to do with him and waiting for dinner is the perfect little slice of time for watching the outdoors. It makes me excited to see what mama-Dashiell rituals there will through his changing interests and the changing seasons