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Happy, happy birthday to my darling Dashiell!

A first birthday party for Dashiell


This past Saturday we celebrated Dashiell's first trip around the sun and our first year as parents! It was my favorite get together we've ever hosted. I still sort of can't believe that Chris and I hosted a first birthday party; it's one of those things that seems like something adults do and then I realize, oh wait! that's us now!

We kept the affair simple by throwing a backyard party with snacks, drinks and cake and I was able to do all the grocery shopping and food prep on Saturday before the party. Special thanks to Erica, who dashed over a cake stand and then two eggs for the cakes last minute when I realized I was short. You saved us from a hot mess of a birthday party; thanks neighbor! It also really helped that during the week before the party we had the house cleaned and the yard mowed.

For the party, we used Evite to send invitations and everyone was invited to come over at 4 p.m. We served minty pea dip with baguette; hummus, naan, and veggies; Trader Joe's herbed popcorn (addicting!), and mandarin oranges. I tried to make sure most things would be suitable for adults and toddlers. For drinks we had beer, wine and lemonade with mint leaves. For birthday cake I made a blueberry snack cake for the wee ones (recipe soon!) and the chocolate cake to end all chocolate cake for the adults.


For party inspiration I looked to the birthday boy. Dash loves playing with any type of ball so I bought several large plastic balls at Target to have out in the yard for all the kids. At the end of the party each family got to take one home as a party favor! We set out chairs in the backyard along with the balls and also Dash's tunnel for kiddos to crawl through. We had so much fun playing outside! I love that Dash's spring birthday means outdoor parties.

To decorate, I had about a dozen photos printed of Dash and used photo clips to display them around the cakes. I also found the adorable H-O-O-R-A-Y for Dash's cake at Target. 

My favorite memory from the day is when we gathered everyone around Dash in the backyard to sing happy birthday. The very first time that he has been sung happy birthday. Chris held Dashiell in his arms and I felt so emotional as I sang happy birthday to my son for the first time. Dash felt a little shy and ducked his head toward Chris but had a sweet smile on his face. My heart was melting.


What a perfect day celebrating our sweet and goofy little guy. HOORAY indeed!

Thank you so much to Megan for taking the picture during Dash's birthday song!

And my necklace is Chewbeads, which I would highly recommend.