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f/8 1/1600 It's so hard for me to get an in-focus picture of Dashiell these days. Certainly I can't do it with my phone, which has enough delay that there's at least always a blurry limb. In this photo, Dashiell was mesmerized by a small twig and leaf that he found on the ground as he explored our patio area (completely naked, by the way). I love his look of concentration, his fat cheeks that curve out and the fuzzy back of his neck. The Photo Challenge Next Door is a collaboration with my next door neighbor Erica from Laddventure.... Read more →

Launching The Girl Next Door Podcast is one of the funnest projects I've taken on. It's fun to record (I'm having a cocktail and chatting with my friend!) but I have also loved the challenge of figuring out how to podcast (although it's been frustrating at times!). In the hopes of helping another budding podcaster, or just giving our listeners a peek behind the scenes, I wanted to share what I've learned in the process of launching a podcast. Over three blog posts in the next few weeks I'll share what equipment we use, how we publish our show online... Read more →

As we head into summer, the daylight lingers in the evenings and flares golden before fading to dusk. I remember this exact light so vividly from last year when I held my tiny baby and felt so full of love to the point of being overwhelmed. Even after we've put Dash down for bed by 7:15 there is a faint light, almost a glow, and I've been enticed outside just to breathe for a minute and enjoy the cool air. I keep meaning to buy a bottle of white wine because surely this is the weather for a glass of... Read more →

Guys. Guys. I am seriously taking a deep breath because I am so excited to talk about how to use BULLET JOURNAL. Have you heard of Bullet Journal? It's a system of keeping a notebook or journal (the kind you write tasks, ideas, and meeting notes in) and there's a fabulous website with a video where you can learn all about it. You should watch the video right now. I'll wait.... ....I know, right?! For so long I have been struggling with my need to write things down even as everything is going digital. Writing something down in pen on... Read more →

You know I love finding little things to get excited over. And that I can turn anything into a tradition (even stuff I make up). Pizza night is the best of both AND it's delicious. Knowing that we're having pizza when I get home from work is a perfect the little zing in an otherwise ho-hum Tuesday. We order out pizza on occasion but you know what? I like our homemade pizza better! There have even been a few times that Chris has suggested we order pizza but I convinced him we shouldn't because I prefer the pizza we make... Read more →

Inspired to push ourselves a little further in our quest to become debt free, we've revisited our budget again to make some changes. This really highlights the fact that a budget is a living document. Starting on March 1 we implemented our new budget, which we affectionately refer to as our "Austerity Budget". (This is just a family joke, we are fully aware that our budget still affords many, many luxuries and is actually far from austere.) Highlights of our latest household budget include: + Overall streamlined accounting by combining our bank accounts. + Chris put his gym membership on... Read more →

I think I've finally found a meal planning system that works for our family and that I love. Let's bring it in for a group hug! (I've written about my quest for a perfect grocery shopping and meal system here and here and even talked about it on the podcast!) The trick for us has been to focus on preparing meal ingredients instead of a meal plan. It's a slight but significant difference. We've also found that spending some time doing meal prep on Sundays is key to easy, healthy meals throughout the week. Our meal prep this Sunday (pictured... Read more →

Can you tell I'm feeling nostalgic and emotional this week with all the posts celebrating Dashiell? Thank you for indulging me, you deserve a recipe! How about blueberry snack cake? I've baked this coconut oil blueberry snack cake (read: blueberry muffin batter baked in a cake pan) many a Sunday lately. Starting off the week with a homemade baked good at the ready is always a good way to start a week in my book. Dash loves this cake (points and says, "bah!" when he spies it) and a toasted slice makes a great on-the-way-to-work or mid-morning snack. I adapted... Read more →

I hope that you'll indulge me in one more Dashiell post this week. I'm certainly feeling nostalgic thinking of this past year and how teeny Dash used to be. With every month it seems that I'm just getting used to the idea of having...a two month old....a six month old....a ten month old....but before it's completely reflexive suddenly Dashiell is a month older. And so now I have a one year old. A toddler! I have a toddler, people! That's going to take a while to sink in. Of course he will always be our baby but it doesn't feel... Read more →

Happy FIRST birthday to my little Dashiell-llama! I am so filled with love and gratitude for my healthy, happy son and for being his mama. One year ago today it was my due date and before the day was over I was holding my baby boy. What an incredible day and what an incredible year. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it all. There were challenges and adjustments to be sure but what an incredible year. I'm taking the day off of work today to celebrate my sidekick and a year of motherhood. This morning Chris and I... Read more →