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Goals - March 2014

Team Wharton workout calendar


Now that Dashiell has been sleeping better (happy dance, high fives all around) Chris and I are stoked that we've been able to exercise more frequently since we are less like zombies. This is huge. Exercising is a really important part of both of our identifies and when we're able to be active throughout the week we have more energy, feel happier and healthier and are motivated to keep exercising.

Even though we're getting more sleep it can still be hard to find the time to work out. So, at the beginning of January, we set a goal of each exercising three times per week. To track our progress, Chris drew a chart on our dry erase board near the kitchen so we could mark off each day that we exercise. Chris made us a "workout key" at the bottom of the dry erase board so that we can just fill in one letter on the board: R = running, S = spin, B = bike ride, Y = yoga, etc. CF stands for our own style of Cross Fit, which I'll tell you more about soon!

I didn't think too much of the workout calendar when Chris drew it but it's made a big difference in helping us re-establish regular exercise. I've been surprised at how motivating and satisfying it is to fill in a square with my workout! When I finish a run I'll think, "Yes! I get to fill in my square!" And if I only have one or two days filled out for the week I start thinking of ways I could fit in another workout. There's no requirement of how long or intense the workout needs to be. Even 20 minutes of stretching counts as a workout. At this point in my life I need easily attainable positive reinforcement like that. 

Oh, and because our latest game obsession is Yahtzee of course we named the square for workouts above and beyond the three each week "YAHTZEE".