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On Saturday evening we flew back home to Phoenix after a week in my hometown of Austin. As usual, I had a knot in my stomach at the airport as I anticipated leaving. It's always hard to say goodbye to my parents and sister, the house and wooded yard where I grew up, friends, and that funky city of Austin that I love so much. Even as I felt sad to leave Austin and all that I love there I started to think of the routines of home and how I thrive on them. Getting out of my routines is... Read more →

Hi friends! I had hoped to keep up the regular programming here while I'm in Austin for the week but alas! I'm not sure why I always think that somehow I'll have extra time when I'm traveling. I think I fall in love with the idea that I'll have all this time that I need to fill but of course in reality I'm enjoying visiting with my parents, seeing friends, soaking in Austin, and of course keeping up with my busy baby. I do hope one day I might get to do a little writing retreat here to my hometown.... Read more →

It's the end of an era! In the nearly six years that Chris and I have been managing our finances together we've maintained several joint and separate accounts. As we've been re-examining our finances as we get serious about reducing debt we've questioned the need for so many accounts. You can read about our former bank account set up here. Ultimately, we decided to simplify and we now maintain the following: + Joint checking account. All of our bills, including our student loan payments, are auto-debited from this account. Previously we had our student loan payments debited from our separate... Read more →

More so than any season, the spring seems to bring change to my life. Certainly there is change all around me; the desert bursts into color from drab winter tones, our backyard is transformed into a shady retreat as our trees leaf out, an enthusiastic mockingbird sings his heart out at 2 am (not even joking). I started thinking about this season of change because I actually just changed positions at my job! It's both a big and little change. It's a little change because I'm actually still sitting at my same desk (but I do love my desk and... Read more →

This past weekend I think we had a last taste of what passes for winter here. There were grey, cloudy skies, rainstorms and a chilly breeze; a balm for my sun-drenched soul. It's been a warm, dry winter which doesn't make me especially eager to welcome more of the same this summer. Ooof, I'm having a hard time staying positive about the impending summer! I hope that taking Dashiell to the pool and finding other fun things to do with him might help me see summer in a different light. I am definitely looking forward to a diaper-clad Dashiell toddling... Read more →

Now that Dashiell has been sleeping better (happy dance, high fives all around) Chris and I are stoked that we've been able to exercise more frequently since we are less like zombies. This is huge. Exercising is a really important part of both of our identifies and when we're able to be active throughout the week we have more energy, feel happier and healthier and are motivated to keep exercising. Even though we're getting more sleep it can still be hard to find the time to work out. So, at the beginning of January, we set a goal of each... Read more →