Photo Challenge // February
Season of change

Goals - March 2014


This past weekend I think we had a last taste of what passes for winter here. There were grey, cloudy skies, rainstorms and a chilly breeze; a balm for my sun-drenched soul. It's been a warm, dry winter which doesn't make me especially eager to welcome more of the same this summer. Ooof, I'm having a hard time staying positive about the impending summer! I hope that taking Dashiell to the pool and finding other fun things to do with him might help me see summer in a different light. I am definitely looking forward to a diaper-clad Dashiell toddling through backyard sprinklers (ohmygosh!).

But, for now, it's time to welcome spring, a season that I love. It's the season of growth and of change and of Dash's birthday! My spring baby. I'm thinking so much about this time last year. In March I'm looking forward to many more dinners outside, brighter mornings (and perhaps some morning runs) and adventuring on our bikes. 

March goals:

+ Plan Dashiell's one year birthday party. April 9th is coming up so fast. I'm so excited to celebrate my goofy, sweet one year old son. At the same time I can feel the emotion welling up in my throat as I think of the day that he was born and everything that has happened and changed since then.

+ Complete Dashiell's six month to one year photo book. I didn't get a chance to start this in February!

+ Conduct three phone interviews for my working mamas e-course. Yesterday I had a great conversation with Vanessa and I'd like to interview at least two more working mamas this month.  

+ Launch a basic website for my e-course. I've been working with a graphic designer and as soon as my logo is finalized I would like to get a one page website launched to provide basic information and a mailing list sign up.

Happy March!