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February 2014

This Sunday Dashiell turned 10 months old. He's been in the outside world now for a little bit longer than I carried him. Chris was out of town for the weekend but within an hour of his return Dashiell took his first tentative steps (!!). All he wants to do is walk; pushing his walker wagon, cruising on the sofa, holding your hands and leaning much too far forward while stepping as fast as his short legs will go. I think walking is what his little heart has been dreaming of since he was born. He's never liked to be... Read more →

Chris and I both had a holiday on MLK day and so we seized the day and when on a day date, just the two of us! We left Dash with our wonderful baby sitter and went on an adventure in Phoenix. We went to Federal Pizza (sweet potato, ricotta, and fried sage pizza OMG), Churn, and The Musical Instrument Museum, which was AMAZING. Chris and I have been wanting to go since it opened in 2010 and I'm so glad we finally made it allll the way up there. The museum has instruments and videos of music being played... Read more →

January is all about dreaming and planning for the year. In February it's time to get serious and make those dreams happen. This month I'm looking forward to spending lots of time outside and enjoying candlelight in darker evenings while they last. And if we could have just one or two rainy days I would be so thrilled. I'm trying to be very present and appreciative of my favorite time of year in order to stay positive through the hot, hot summer (I'm already feeling a little anxious about it!). + Go for a family bike ride at least three... Read more →