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Dashiell at ten months


This Sunday Dashiell turned 10 months old. He's been in the outside world now for a little bit longer than I carried him.

Chris was out of town for the weekend but within an hour of his return Dashiell took his first tentative steps (!!). All he wants to do is walk; pushing his walker wagon, cruising on the sofa, holding your hands and leaning much too far forward while stepping as fast as his short legs will go. I think walking is what his little heart has been dreaming of since he was born. He's never liked to be on his back or be immobilized and the more independence he gains the happier he seems to be. 


I love to watch Dashiell do his "work" of playing. I can take him in his room and close the door and the whole room is safe for him, which is exactly the way we designed it. I love to sit off to the side and watch him, not saying anything, just observing. He explores and babbles to himself as he picks things up, inspects them with his mouth, puts them to the side, and the crawls off to explore another corner. I'm amazed at how intent he is on what he's doing, completely absorbed and taking in the information he's gathering about the world around him. While I've been watching I've noticed him start to repeat things. Like take a book from the shelf and put it down. Then put it back on the shelf. Then take it down. I love to watch him learn.

Other things I'm remembering about Dashiell at ten months:

+ Has learned to point! And loves it.

+ Loves to turn pages of a board book.

+ New foods that we tried that he loves: pureed broccoli, refried beans on a tortilla, small bits of roasted sweet potato, oatmeal pancakes, yougurt, grilled cheese. Haven't found anything he doesn't like so far.

+ Is having so many great days at day care which makes me so happy. I think that being able to crawl around and explore has made a huge difference.

+ Starting to outgrow his 12 month onesies and 9 month pjs.

+ Lots of babbles, especially, "ba!" and "da!" and adds emphasis with a point.

+ Picks up and drinks from a sippy cup. Can also drink well from a small Montessori glass (a sweet gift from Sara!) with our help and can also drink out of a straw (as of this weekend, taught by my mom).

+ Not hating being in his carseat on most days to and from day care, hoooooraaaaay.

+ Nursing about 5 times a day and taking 2 or 3 bottles at day care. But is always hungry for real food after nursing. The other day he ate half of a grilled cheese at lunch. What!


+ Loves to play peekaboo by putting a blanket or sometimes a curtain on his head and then pulling it off. I die of cuteness.



+ Went on his first hike at South Mountain. Fell asleep on the hike down.

Just two more months and he'll be ONE!