Dashiell at ten months
These days

A gallery wall (finally)


Guys, are gallery walls still a thing? We're not over them yet are we? Because I finally have one! You might even recognize a few of my art-a-month prints if you've been following for a while. 

I've had several framed pieces on top of the sideboard in our great room just leaning against the wall for, I'm pretty sure, FOUR years. Basically since we moved in. Arg. And lately the sideboard has taken to accumulating other random things that don't have a home, which gives me mild anxiety and makes me want to take everything to Goodwill.

My mom was in town this past weekend while Chris visited a friend in San Francisco and we got stuff done. She is always my partner in organizing and productivity and it is the best, especially now that it can be so hard to find the time to run errands (not to mention to muster the energy!) and do all those little things you've been meaning to do.

The project came together in a couple of hours and was a spur of the moment decision after Dashiell went down for a morning nap. So of course I didn't snap a before picture but imagine lots of frames leaning against the wall and a clutter of stuff in front of them. And moving right along...


To hang the frames we channeled John and Sherry and I laid out all the frames on the floor to find an arrangement that I liked and then we hung wrapping paper cut outs in the right spots on the wall. I did have to relocated a couple of nails when the frames ended up too close but no show-stoppers. 



On a Target trip to pick up all the things you need at Target we also bought three floor lamps, which have also been on my wishlist for a long while. 


Our great room feels so much more cozy and complete. Now when my eyes drift across the room I'm so pleasantly surprised to find hanging frames instead of leaning and I'm a big fan of not using the overhead light. Good lighting makes all the difference! I am now a believer!

This year I have a goal of appreciating our house as it is and I have been doing a really good job of not dwelling on the big changes I wish we could make. Little projects like this make that easier to do because I find myself loving our house even more.