Goals - February 2014
Dashiell at ten months

A day date


Chris and I both had a holiday on MLK day and so we seized the day and when on a day date, just the two of us! We left Dash with our wonderful baby sitter and went on an adventure in Phoenix.


We went to Federal Pizza (sweet potato, ricotta, and fried sage pizza OMG), Churn, and The Musical Instrument Museum, which was AMAZING. Chris and I have been wanting to go since it opened in 2010 and I'm so glad we finally made it allll the way up there. 


The museum has instruments and videos of music being played from countries around the world and it was fascinating to see the differences and similarities across cultures and time periods. One of my favorite parts was the Experience Room where you can play some of the instruments! We played a theramin, a huge xylophone-type instrument from Japan and I rang a huge gong. I can't wait to take Dash there!

Spending time with Chris and Dash is my favorite place to be but it was wonderful to have a day just with Chris and to be reminded how much fun we have just the two of us, too.