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Wearing Dashiell

Since Dashiell was teeny tiny both Chris and I have loved to wear him and I plan to continue as long as he'll let me. (Ashley recently posted about wearing her two year old!) I've found so many benefits to baby wearing including the calming effect it has on Dashiell (he takes great naps while being worn!), being able to hold Dash and have two free hands, avoiding carrying an awkward and heavy car seat, and taking up less space when we're out and about (as opposed to carrying him in a car seat or stroller). Of course, this is just our experience; I know some babies want nothing to do with being bundled up against you. But for us baby wearing has been a wonderful experience and convenience.

Over the months Chris and I have used a few different carriers as we've gone from carrying a little loaf of a baby to a heavy-ish, pre-toddler and I wanted to share our three favorites:

1. BabyHawk mei-tei (pronounced may-tie)


 Perhaps my favorite picture of Chris. Ever.

How to wear a mei-tei carrier.

We tried this carrier on during pregnancy and both of us found it comfortable and easy to use. The long ties make it look much more complicated than it is and you'll definitely get some inquiries when out and about. I love that it's soft, can be bundled up and thrown in a bag and that it fits both of us. When Dashiell was small we would "froggy" his legs so that his whole body was within the carrier pouch and he snoozed many hours that way.


This was the first carrier I used when I was a brand new mama so it has a special place in my heart. It was also great for Dash's first plane travel. As Dash grew we could position him so that his legs stuck out the bottom of the carrier and it still worked well. However, as he became heavier I found that I wanted more back and hip support. 

2. My Baby Nest

How to wear the My Baby Nest or K'Tan carrier.


I adore this soft and stretchy carrier and it would be my recommendation for new mamas. It's similar to a Moby but there's much less fabric to deal with (a plus in hot Arizona!) and it's stretchy which results in a great fit. The K'Tan is a carrier of the same design that I also used a few times but I prefer the Baby Nest. I didn't start using this carrier until Dash was a few months old but I think this would be a perfect carrier for a newborn. I'll definitely use it from the get-go for the next little one.


 K'Tan on the left, My Baby Nest on the right

The My Baby Nest gave me back the support I needed as Dash got heavier. It also comes with an extra length of fabric that you can tie on for extra support although I haven't used it. This carrier was particularly wonderful during airplane travel. It can be worn through security, it's pretty easy to put on and take off while sitting in an airplane seat and can be stored in your carry-on. I even let a friend borrow it when she was flying with her son and she also loved it. The con of this one is that Chris found it too small to use even though we have the M/L size.

3. Beco Gemini

How to wear the Beco Gemini carrier.


This is my current go-to carrier and is the last one I plan to buy. I love this carrier. Around the time Dash was five months old I was needed more back support from a carrier and wanted to get something with more structure. The Beco is similar to an Ergo although when I had tried on an Ergo I didn't like that I had to clip something on my upper back. It felt very awkward although I know several people who love their Ergos so you must get used to it. With the Beco the (very padded!) shoulder straps criss-cross and the clips are only on your side. The padding on the hips and straps is heavenly and I can comfortably wear Dash ifor a long time. I love that the Beco has wide support for Dash's bum and hips. 

The Beco allows you to wear your baby facing out, on your back, or on your hip (which I haven't tried yet). I still prefer the classic facing in position and so far Dash is happy that way too. The Beco also fits Chris really well and he still wears Dash when he takes him on errands. Because this carrier is more structured it can't be folded down as small as the BabyHawk or Baby Nest. But for the back and hip support it provides it's worth it.

Happy baby wearing! 

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