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January 2014

Both Chris and I are heading back to work today after a two week holiday. I'm mustering all my positive energy (and having a second cup of coffee) to help me dive back into our work week routine. Although the pace of life slowed during the holidays it was still very busy, as life with a crawling-everywhere-baby is. So it's hard to believe that somehow we have to fit in going to our jobs every day and pack in our evening routine into fewer hours. I was so enjoying splitting a beer with Chris around 5 PM and having a... Read more →

Hey, 2014! When I started thinking of my 2014 goals a few months back (you know it!) my inclination was to think of all sorts of new projects to take on, such a writing a hand-written thank you note each week to a different person. I loved the idea of sending mail and thinking of different people to say thank you to. You know, because one more thing to do each week in the midst of my busy, busy life is such a great idea. Insert record scratching sound and reality check moment. Let's be real, Kelsey. So I reconsidered... Read more →