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Debt Reduction: Budget

Since my last budget update we decided to focus on debt reduction, we refinanced our mortgage, and we paid off two loans. All of it required sitting down with the Team Wharton budget again (you know we love it!) and I've been wanting to share it with you. Below is our current "debt reduction" budget:

Download this budget in an Excel file here: Download Budget_14January


A few changes to note:

+ My paycheck went up a tiiiiiny bit because I changed dental plans.

+ Our mortgage is down $40 due to our refinance.

+ My $88/month student loan payment and my $300/month car payment are gone.

+ I now make a larger contribution to our joint checking account out of every paycheck and save less into my personal savings account.

+ Our daycare expenses increased by $55/month because Dash is moving up from the "swaddlers" room to the "crawlers" room (ahhhhhh).

+ Previously we had $70/month budgeted for our dear old Drew (he passed away in December).

+ Chris and I each now have $200/month for miscellaneous spending. This includes any meals out, clothes, any trips to Home Depot, Target, etc. and other miscellaneous non-necessities.

+ Our internet bill went up slightly.

+ Our monthly grocery allocation has gone down (and we're working to stick to it!).