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Dashiell at nine months




Dashiell turned nine months on the ninth. It made me think about him turning nine years old one day. Which I sort of can't comprehend.

What I'm remembering about Dashiell at nine months:

+ Crawls everywhere, pulls up on everything.

+ Loves to be "chased" by a crawling Chris who says, "I'm going to get you!". Dash laughs and crawls away as fast as possible.

+ Four teeth (two top and two bottom) with at least one more on the way

+ Loves to pull things out of things, like laundry out of the laundry basket or things out of my purse.

+ Just a couple weeks before turning nine months he started babbling a lot more. Especially "ba ba" which sounds like "Bob". He says, "Bob?" and we're like, "Who the heck is Bob?"

+ Loves to look at books and spends time looking at the pages. Likes to scratch the pages and to poke his finger through pages that have "peekaboo" holes.

+ Our hungry, hungry boy. Eating three meals of solid food a day plus nursing at home and bottles of breastmilk at daycare.

+ Loves to throw a small plastic ball and then crawl after it, pick it up and repeat.

+ At home he laughs and babbles. When we're in a crowd of people he's quiet and observant.

+ Loves to be outside, to pick up leaves and grass and try to eat them. Watches hummingbirds that come to our feeder and follows them with his eyes when they fly away.

+ Is sleeping so much better! Exclamation point times one million. Goes to bed without a peep. Has had a couple of banner nights in which he's woken around 10, nursed, and then slept until 6. 

+ Loves to crawl back and forth through the tunnel he got for Christmas.

+ Gets really nervous around dogs. He grabs on to us right and says, "Ah! Ah!" It's heartbreaking to see him nervous about something. He was always so gleeful to see Drew but has always been nervous around other dogs. I don't want it to turn in to a fear when he's older, not sure what to do.

+ Loves to push his walker wagon up and down the hall. It is the cutest site: his little figure with his tiny legs and huge cloth diaper bum walking along behind his wagon as it goes "click, click, click". I love his look of focus.