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Saying goodbye to Drew



 Ah, friends. My heart is so heavy to share this with you. Chris and I have decided to have our dear beast and friend, Drew, put down this Saturday. I don't feel like writing about it but it didn't seem right to let this pass without sharing.

I've never had to make this decision about a pet before. It feels very surreal. But when we look at Drew's life now compared to several months ago we can see that the quality of his life has greatly diminished. He's become plagued with arthritis and, although he is on three different pain medications, shows many signs of being uncomfortable and in pain and he does not or can not engage in most of the activities that he used to live for.

Drew is fifteen and a half years old and until the past few months has been in excellent health and has bounded around like a much younger dog. He has been loved and cared for all of his life, first by Chris's sister and her family, and then for the past five years by Chris and me. We don't want to look back and realize that he lived a life of suffering at the end and I fear that that time is drawing near. I am thankful we can choose a humane and peaceful end for our companion although that comfort seems hollow in comparison to what lies ahead. The house will be so empty without him.

Please keep us in your thoughts this week and on Saturday morning.