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December 2013

Oh, boy, Dashiell is on the move! He's crawling his one-knee and one-foot crawl (it's so funny but effective!) and is across the room and trying to eat the Christmas tree in the blink of an eye. His new mobility has certainly changed our morning routine. I can hardly believe we used to be able to leave him on the bed while we got ready. Dash pulls up on everything and is learning to sit down but isn't very graceful yet. On a few occasions he's has been able to stand upright unassisted but just for fractions of a second.... Read more →

Thank you so much for your comments, emails, and thoughts on saying goodbye to Drew. It has meant so much to me, to us. On Thursday night Drew was having such a hard time we felt that we shouldn't wait and we went to the vet on Friday morning. It was peaceful and also so hard. The house has an emptiness and silence to it without Drew. But we are doing OK and when missing Drew starts to overwhelm us we tell each other a funny memory about Drew and we can smile and remember what a crazy beast he... Read more →

Ah, friends. My heart is so heavy to share this with you. Chris and I have decided to have our dear beast and friend, Drew, put down this Saturday. I don't feel like writing about it but it didn't seem right to let this pass without sharing. I've never had to make this decision about a pet before. It feels very surreal. But when we look at Drew's life now compared to several months ago we can see that the quality of his life has greatly diminished. He's become plagued with arthritis and, although he is on three different pain... Read more →

Lately, Chris and I have been talking a lot about what our "ideal life" is. How do we want to spend our days and years as a family? We have a very happy and comfortable life right now and we could continue this way and be happy, I'm sure of it. But could we make changes to get us closer to the "ideal life" that we want to be living? Chris and I imagine our ideal life as one in which: 1. We are debt-free. 2. We have lots of time to spend together as a family. 3. Everyone in... Read more →

December! It's our fave: Christmas music, piping hot gingerbread coffee, wearing slippers, playing with Dashiell next to the Christmas tree, bundling up for our morning walk and then coming home to our warm, cozy house, Christmas lights all around the neighborhood. I can't get enough. In an unprecedentedly early burst of festive spirit we've already packed away fall and trimmed the house in greenery and twinkle lights. We brought home a handsome Douglas fir on Friday afternoon and introduced Dashiell to his first Christmas tree. As expected, he is impressed and makes a beeline for it every chance he gets.... Read more →