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Guest post on Green Mom Guide


Recently, I had another opportunity to guest post at Green Mom Guide. This time I'm sharing our approach to solid foods and talking about how we make and store purees for Dashiell AKA The Hungry Hungry Baby.

Here's an excerpt, if you care to read; check out the full post at Green Mom Guide:

Both my husband and I are passionate about cooking and eating, so we were eager to give our son his first tastes of solid foods. Making our own food seemed an economical approach and I liked the idea of knowing exactly how the food was made and what is in it. Making our own baby food seemed like it should be as easy as steaming and mashing a sweet potato. However, I have often heard reference to “making your own baby food” as something that no reasonable person would do. But the truth is…it IS as easy as steaming and mashing a sweet potato! Whew! {continue reading}