Photo Challenge // November
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Goals - December 2013


December! It's our fave: Christmas music, piping hot gingerbread coffee, wearing slippers, playing with Dashiell next to the Christmas tree, bundling up for our morning walk and then coming home to our warm, cozy house, Christmas lights all around the neighborhood. I can't get enough.

In an unprecedentedly early burst of festive spirit we've already packed away fall and trimmed the house in greenery and twinkle lights. We brought home a handsome Douglas fir on Friday afternoon and introduced Dashiell to his first Christmas tree. As expected, he is impressed and makes a beeline for it every chance he gets. He loves to inspect the pokey leaves and branches.

Our social calendar is filling fast for the holiday season and I'm starting to guard the free days we have left. In this spirit, my mind was on finding ways to slow down and be present when I made my December goals:

+ Take a break from checking social media.

+ Go to yoga.

+ Play cards with Chris like the old, pre-parent days (awww!). Perhaps while sipping maple bourbon ciders.

Happy December!