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2013 Christmas cards!

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{Blurry photos as a result of taking photos while a certain grabby baby was pulling up on the table and my legs.}

Our 2013 Christmas cards are here! They're ready to head out the door and bring holiday cheer to mailboxes near and far.

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I'm super proud of these cards not only because I designed them myself but because I saved so much money compared to the past two years. After seeing Elise design her own adorable cards on the cheap using Overnight Prints I knew I had to try it.

To get ideas for the card design and layout I browsed holiday photo cards on several websites. They are surprisingly simple! I noted that they usually use at least two different fonts and two different font sizes. Sometimes it's just one word overlaid on a photo. I thought, "I can do this..."

This collection of free fonts via Pinterest is where I found two of the fonts I used (Hallendale Deco and Santa's Sleigh). The handwriting-like font is Loved By The King via dafont.

On the back I used the exact same design that Elise used. I created a simple banner by making a rectangle and then overlaying red triangles to create a banner. I typed up some news from this year and called it done.

When I first uploaded the files to Overnight Prints the formatting wasn't right and I had a few ARG moments. But then I found a handy tutorial on the website that told me the exact pixel dimensions for my card images. This was key! Once I made that easy change to my Photoshop Elements files the images uploaded perfectly and the quality of the cards is great.

I ordered 100 4.25 x 5.5 inch double sided postcards with rounded edges and white envelopes. Using a coupon code for 59% off (!) my total was $36.32 even with two day shipping. Call me impressed. In previous years I've paid about $75 for 50 cards. With this many cards I was able to include everyone that I wanted to on my list and even have a few left over.


Overall my experience with Overnight Prints was positive (P.S. this is not a sponsored post!). I was a bit frustrated that I paid to have my order delivered on Friday, December 13 and it didn't arrive until Monday, December 16. I emailed customer service about it and within a couple of days they refunded me the difference in shipping. Gold star.  

Photo 5

I was high-fiving Chris and feeling so awesome for spending so little on holiday cards this year. And then I remembered I still have to buy stamps. And that there's no coupon code for stamps. Blerg! 

But the gingerbread house holiday stamps this year are pretty cute...

I would send a card to each of one you if I could but please accept this e-version of our card instead. I sincerely wish each of you a cheerful and cozy holiday season!

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