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November 2013

Home in Austin! Dashiell and I went on our first travel adventure just the two of us this past weekend. Being at the house where I grew up, and of course with my family!, with him is really special. Just the view out the backdoor of my parents' house is such a comforting sight for me and I'm so happy that Dashiell will grow up playing there too. It was a great trip and felt relaxing even though we kept busy visiting with family and many dear friends. On Friday, my mom and I visited Sara, Henry, and Tate at... Read more →

During my pregnancy I wrote about our plan to cloth diaper. If you were wondering how our adventures in cloth diapering are going I hope you'll pop over to my guest post at Green Mom Guide. I had the fortune to cross paths with Kate Harrison, the founder of Green Mom Guide, during graduate school and her Green Bride Guide and now Green Mom Guide are wonderful resources for the eco-conscious bride and mama. We recently reconnected through our alumni newsletter (so funny!) and I'm happy to be able to contribute to her great website. Thanks for checking it out! Read more →

Chris and I realized that our favorite time of year is from November 1 to January 1, and we're in it! Our windows and doors are open, the house smells like orange and clove, we're playing Christmas music (you'd better believe it) and I'm wearing long sleeves (at least in the mornings and evenings). This time of year tends to get very busy so I'm remembering to be present. I want to say no to filling up our weekends and evenings and say yes to stress-free time with Dashiell and Chris. My November goals are: + Host our first Thanksgiving.... Read more →

Halloween! OK, I will admit that Halloween is not my favorite; at least it didn't used to be. I usually get stressed out trying to think up a costume and figure out how to make it. But this year I pulled together a photo strip costume that I was really excited about in time for our neighbor's party. We also had so much fun going to a neighborhood Halloween party last weekend (Dashiell was Iron Man!). For the third year in a row we sat outside on Halloween night to greet trick-or-treaters with next door neighbors Erica and Jeremiah and... Read more →