Making me happy this week
Making me happy this week

Happy Thanksgiving!


Friends! Happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating today!

I wanted to share my menu earlier but, you know, LIFE. This week has been busy but in good ways and I feel myself settling into a full-on holiday mode. On Tuesday, Chris and I were able to sneak away and see Catching Fire - what?! I took Wednesday off and spent the day getting my car emissions tested, failing(!), buying a new gas cap, passing my emissions test and then cooking away the rest of the day.

An early spin class and a second cup of coffee this morning has me awake and excited for a full day of family, fun and good food. We don't have too much to do today to get ready to host so I hope it will be fairly relaxing even though we'll have 8 adults, 2 kids, and 2 babies at the table! We've rearranged furniture and have seating for everyone in our dining room; I love that we have room to host so many people and I'm excited for our new Thanksgiving traditions.

This Thanksgiving we'll be serving:

Mushroom caps stuffed with a savory walnut, mushroom, and thyme filling
Goat cheese topped with cranberry sauce + crackers
Sparkling pomegranate punch
Beer + wine

Salad (brought by a guest)

Lentil loaf (a new family favorite)
Whipped coconut sweet potatoes
Garlic braised Bussels sprouts
Mashed potatoes (brought by a guest)
Vegetarian dressing (brought by a guest)
Cranberry sauce (ordered from The Cutting Board)
Thyme rolls (ordered from The Cutting Board)

Pumpkin pie
Apple tart (both brought by a guest)

Wishing all the best to you and your loved ones!