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Making me happy this week

Dashiell at seven months



Just a few notes to remember about Dashiell at seven months:

- Sits up tall, straight, and sturdy. Our daycare told us, "He has great posture!"

- Has done some tentative crawling! Can also get into a sitting position from laying down. We frequently find him sitting up when we go to get him from his crib.

- Wants us to help him pull up all the time.

- Still just two little bottom teeth.

- Loves to "brush his teeth" and watch us brush our teeth. Dental hygiene is so fun!

- Likes to touch things with just his pointer finger.

- Is excited to drink from our water glasses or water bottles.

- Loves food of all kinds. We're having fun sitting him in high chairs at restaurants and ordering him avocado or banana or plain black beans.

- Turns his head back and forth to rub his head on his car seat on when he's laying down - not sure what this is about!

- Not sleeping through the night and his wakefulness has been inconsistent. I think the sitting up and crawling is affecting sleep.

- Still loves to scratch things but maybe not as much lately.

- So many people stop to smile at him when we're out and about and he just about always has a smile to share with a stranger.


Also, one year ago this week. Cannot believe it.