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Making me happy this week

seasonal soaps


Last year, when I went to Erica's house for our fall crafting date, I noticed a simple thing that made her whole house feel festive. At each sink there was a fall-scented soap. Erica is my seasonal decor mentor so I eagerly asked her to tell me more. She told me that at the beginning of the fall and Christmas seasons she stocks up on scented soaps and candles. If a soap doesn't get used up during the season she just stores it under the sink to be used the next year. Genius.

I went home and immediately banished my lemon kitchen soap under the sink until the spring. I replaced it with Mrs. Meyers orange-clove soap for the fall and pine soap for the Christmas season. Both scents were prefect and I wanted my whole house to smell like them. Chris loved the pine scented soap so much that he asked if we could keep using it beyond the Christmas season. When my husband notices a scented hand soap you know it must be good.

I love establishing traditions, especially ones to celebrate the seasons, so scented soaps are now offically part of my seasonal decor. I also love the idea that if I use the same scented soaps each year it will create a strong memory for our children of celebrating the seasons every time they smell it.

This year, I eagerly awaited the release of the seasonal product lines on the Mrs. Meyers website. When they showed up, I piled my online cart high with orange-clove and pine scented products. In addition to a soap for each sink I bought dish soap, counter spray, and soy candles in both orange-clove and pine. My hope is that everything except the candles will last two seasons. Chris picked up the package when it arrived and asked, "What is this? Why is it so heavy?" I might have gone a bit crazy. But all in the name of seasonal celebration!