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Dashiell at six months

Tips for getting out the door in the morning


{everything we need for daycare and our work days}

On weekday mornings, between the time that I get up and the time I arrive at work, a lot has to happen. My mornings consist of getting myself ready for the day plus getting Dashiell ready for the day plus fitting in a pumping session plus spending as much quality time with Dashiell as possible plus dropping Dashiell off at daycare. On some days I even try to fit in a morning run or spin class. All in the span of two to two and a half hours.

Here are the handful of tricks that I've come up with to help me save some time getting ready on weekday mornings so that I have a precious few extra minutes with Dashiell:

+ To-go makeup bag. I keep a small bag with my concealer, blush, mascara, and deodorant in my purse at all times. My makeup routine is minimal and takes all of three minutes but I'd rather have those minutes with Dash at home so now I put on my makeup once I get to work. Before I got into this habit there were definitely days when I forgot to put on makeup and (ugh!) sometimes deodorant so now I have the comfort of always being able to look  - and smell! - put together no matter how my morning went. 


+ Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss at the office. Even though I brush my teeth when I wake up, I drink a cup of coffee on my way to work and I can't stand starting my work day with coffee breath. As soon as I arrive at work, I grab my small makeup bag and my toothbrush and toothpaste from my top drawer and head to to bathroom. I always feel much more ready to tackle the day with minty fresh breath. 

+ Keep work shoes and sock liners in my car. In the morning I wear flip flops as I get ready. One day, I was running late and, instead of changing my shoes, just grabbed my work shoes and sock liners on my way out the door. I wore my flip flops to drop Dashiell off at daycare and then changed into my work shoes after I parked at work. At the end of the day I switched back to flip flops for the drive home and, because I had so much to carry into the house, left my work shoes in the car. The next morning I didn't have to spend any time finding and putting on my shoes (all of two minutes but it feels like a difference). I just took new sock liners with me and wore my flip flops to the car again. Now I do this a few days a week. 

+ Peanut butter sandwich on toast. This is my go-to breakfast. I used to eat cereal for breakfast pre-baby but who has the time and the free hands any more? I make my PB toast sandwich t right before I leave the house and bring it in the car in a dish towel along with my coffee. It's portable, portein-y and filling, and toasty. Boom.

+ Find a lunch routine. I always take my lunch to work and on most days I eat peanut butter oatmeal for a snack and steamed lentils with a side for lunch. Eating the same, no fuss lunch everyday means my lunch can be packed on autopilot. I do mix it up sometimes but I don't mind the repetition. Some weeks I bring an entire bag of broccoli florets and a container of hummus to the office and leave it in the fridge. Then I don't have to pack those things in my lunch every day. Every step saved counts!


+ Call in support! Chris is my secret weapon for conquering weekday mornings. As I shower, Chris takes Dash and Drew for a morning walk. I take over Dashiell as I dry my hair while Chris makes the bed, brews coffee, washes dishes, takes out the compost/trash/recycling as needed, prepares my lunch, packs my pumping bag, makes Dashiell's bottles, and readies Dashiell's diaper bag for daycare. I know. Our current arrangement is that I take care of Dashiell any time he wakes at night (and for awhile it was a lot) and Chris does pretty much everything else around the house. It's working really well for us right now and it defintely helps me get out the door while also feeling like I got to spend some time with my baby. Thank you, Chris. It's really helped us to have a continual dialogue about what needs to happen, what we can each do to help each other, and if we still feels there's a good balance. 


We're constantly adjusting our routine as Dashiell's needs change; this is what's working for me right now but I'm sure I still have a few more tricks to learn!