Making me happy this week
Snapshot: October

Sick day


Do you also go through agony when deciding to stay home sick from work? It's an easy decision if I'm really sick but when it's allergies-turned-cold-no-voice-general-blah-ness it takes me an hour or more to finally make the call and send the necessary emails; even though I'm still going to call in to the meetings I have scheduled and even though I accrue sick time for exactly this situation. I was able to make my decision final this morning when I thought about what I think when I hear someone at work coughing and blowing their nose: "Ugh, they should have stayed home; I'd better not get sick!" 

As soon as I've made the decision to say home I can almost completely relax; I still feel twinges of guilt or that somehow I'm disappointing people at work. This makes me wonder if this is something just I go through (I doubt it) or if it's more common among women or if everyone feels it. It's easy to see how our business culture of being constantly available and connected can cause a flood of guilt when you have to be less available.  

My mom wisely tells me, "There's no reason to feel guilty if you haven't done anything wrong," so I'm practicing putting aside any lurking guilt and taking it slow today. I can already tell that a quiet day at home with a bottomless bug of tea is just what I need.

Hope your Monday is off to a good start and that it involves fewer cough drops than mine!