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October 2013

Last year, when I went to Erica's house for our fall crafting date, I noticed a simple thing that made her whole house feel festive. At each sink there was a fall-scented soap. Erica is my seasonal decor mentor so I eagerly asked her to tell me more. She told me that at the beginning of the fall and Christmas seasons she stocks up on scented soaps and candles. If a soap doesn't get used up during the season she just stores it under the sink to be used the next year. Genius. I went home and immediately banished my... Read more →

A few days ago, after Abby posted a picture on Instagram of a salad with apples, cheese, and onions, I could. not. stop. thinking about it. So when Chris stopped at the market yesterday I texted "GET SHARP CHEDDAR CHEESE" and was already thinking of the toasted walnuts I had in the freezer and the local apples in our fruit basket. As I was eating the first few bites of this salad I knew it was going straight into my recipe binder; we need to remember this salad. It's sweet and toasty, creamy and crisp. Perfect for an autumn evening... Read more →

Now that our budget accounts for the newest member of Team Wharton, I thought it would be a good time for a financial update. Chris and I revisit our budget throughout the year to make adjustments so our budget is not a static document but this will show you how we are currently allocating our paychecks. Also note that I've updated this post about our bank account breakdown and this post about our income and debts. You can always easily find links to these on the Finances page. Our paychecks have changed slightly since the last budget update. Starting January... Read more →

Front porch weather and fifteen minutes to myself. The weather has turned ahhhhhmazing and it's not even a stretch to say that the mornings are chilly. Our front porch is perfect in the mornings and evenings; I love seeing what's going on in the neighborhood (never anything much) and waving to any neighbors strolling by. On Tuesday morning, Chris took Dashiell to daycare and I took fifteen minutes for myself and sat on the front porch, drank coffee, and did nothing else. I realized that I don't know the last time I sat, just sat, without multitasking. It wasn't a... Read more →

I've been sustaining a little human life with my own body for 16 months (pregnancy + six months breastfeeding). I'm in awe, incredibly thankful, and humbled by my body's ability to do this. Breastfeeding for any amount of time is a combination of luck and hard work. I'm lucky that I have been physically able to breastfeed at all and especially for this length of time. I feel so fortunate for that fact. But it's also taken a lot of work; I've put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that Dashiell has enough milk to drink. And... Read more →

When we're out and about and someone asks me how old my baby is I've heard myself saying, "Almost six months," but then wonder who I'm talking about because my baby is definitely still three months old. How have we had this baby for six months already?! But then again, what did we even do before we had Dashiell?Life was much less fun, interesting, and full, I know that for certain. Now more than ever Dashiell is growing and learning so quickly. It's amazing to watch him attempt a new skill and, within a few days, master it. Triumph was... Read more →

{everything we need for daycare and our work days} On weekday mornings, between the time that I get up and the time I arrive at work, a lot has to happen. My mornings consist of getting myself ready for the day plus getting Dashiell ready for the day plus fitting in a pumping session plus spending as much quality time with Dashiell as possible plus dropping Dashiell off at daycare. On some days I even try to fit in a morning run or spin class. All in the span of two to two and a half hours. Here are the... Read more →