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Goals - October 2013


September felt like a fresh start. Even five years out of school I still feel the excitement of each new semester and the drop in temperatures this month has been especially rejevenating. We're opening windows and spending more time outside; I feel like I can breathe again.

In September, I started my Mondo Beyono course (Meghan's taking it too!) and I'm loving it. Everyday I make a little time to read and participate in the lesson. In the midst of all the busyness of my life the few moments to reflect on making big dreams happen are so welcome. The timing is perfect because I've been laying plans for some exciting secret projects; the next few months are going to be busy but good. And I promise they won't be secret projects forever!

As we head into October the weather will only getting better and I'm excited to hang out at the park with Dashiell, to sleep with the windows open, celebrate Falliday!!, and cook up a storm.

My goals for October are to:

+ Plan Christmas gifts and start purchasing them. I started planning Christmas gifts in October last year and it was the first year I had Christmas shopping done early. It was AWESOME and I'm not going back.

+ Run two times per week. I hit my goal of running once per week in September and I need to keep pushing myself. It's still tough with variable sleep and a busy schedule but it's a committment I don't want to compromise.

+ Submit a freelance article for publication. I've been exploring writing opportunities and found there are quite a few websites that accept blog posts so Erica and I talked about giving it a whirl. Last month got away from me but I'll submit something this month.

+ Complete Dashiell's birth to six month photo album. I've figured out a photo organizing system that will work for me (hashtag VERY EXCITED). The number of photos I'm accumulating of Dashiell has been overwhelming but it's getting under control. I'll share my system soon!

Happy October!