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Day in the life // October 2013

This is my first Day in the Life post. I'm always curious to know what the everyday life of other people looks like so I thought it would be fun to share my own.

Here's whay my day looked like on October 14, 2013:

3:07 AM // I hear Dashiell start to fuss. I wait to see if he'll put himself back to sleep but he continues to fuss. I blearily rise from bed, pad down the hall and scoop up that big, cute baby. I love holding his little pajama-ed body. I nurse him in the dark and then put him back in his crib once he falls asleep.

3:22 AM // I hear Dashiell fuss but a few minutes later, silence. Chris and I breathe a mutual sigh of relief. I drift off to sleep again.

4:59 AM // Dashiell is making sounds and is probably ready to be awake for the day but I'm not. I get him from his crib and bring him to bed to nurse, which lets me keep sleeping, even if fitfully.

6:00 AM // Chris wakes me up. We snuggle Dashiell in bed for a while before starting our day.


6:34 AM // Chris takes Dashiell and our dog, Drew, on a walk while I eat breakfast and shower.

7:00 AM // I nurse Dashiell in our bedroom while Chris finishes getting Dashiell's daycare diaper bag, my pumping bag, and my lunch ready for the day.


7:48 AM // Chris and I get to carpool today, hooray! We pack up alllll the bags we need for the day into my Prius and settle Dashiell into his car seat. I sit in the backseat with Dash, I love having the extra time with him.



8:10 AM // Arrive at daycare and drop off our little guy. Our drive together to Tempe feels like a little date! 



8:45 AM // Walking into work; I love the park and fountain and especially the giant rabbits that I walk by everyday.


9:03 AM // I arrive at my desk and my friendly desk plant is looking pretty grim. I water him and then get to work: emails, writing a couple of reports, Sharepoint whatnot.


10:20 AM // Daycare calls me to say that Dashiell has been crying all morning and is very unlike himself. Ugggghhhhhh. They suggest it could be teething and we could come administer Tylenol to him. Chris and I talk on the phone and try to figure out what we should do.

10:36 AM // Daycare calls back to say Dashiell had his bottle and has significantly settled down. A couple more phone calls with Chris and we decide we'll wait to see how Dashiell's day goes. If he becomes fussy again we'll go and get him.

11:15 AM // Trying to get work done but worrying about Dashiell.


11:46 AM // First pump of the day. Woo hoo!


12:24 PM // Chris and I meet for lunch, yay! We have awesome vegetarian "turkey" sandwiches from a place near my office. As we're eating I see fellow blogger Chelsea walk by. I've never met her but I instantly recognize her hair. Random! After lunch Chris and I call daycare to check in on our baby; he's doing great! We breathe big signs of relief and decide we'll get Dash at the regular time after work.


3:00 PM // Getting stuff done at work: drafting templates for grant support letters, putting materials together so that I can delegate a task to a student worker. All the while thinking of Dash and can't wait to hold him.


3:20 PM // Pump.

4:00 PM // Leave work (!) and head to get Chris. Normally I would not leave this early but I've been worried about Dashiell, no one is in the office today and I'm top of all my projects.

4:24 PM // Dashiell!!!


4:50 PM // We're home, ahhhh, I snuggle and play with Dashiell on our bed for a while before changing his diaper. 


5:50 PM // Dashiell hangs out in his Bjorn seat while Chris and I make dinner for all three of us. Leftovers for Chris and me and puréed squash for Dash. 


6:35 PM // I change Dashiell into an overnight disposable diaper and into his pajamas. I nurse him in our bedroom and he falls asleep.

7:28 PM // Chris and I flip through a Crate and Barrell holiday catalog at the kitchen island and eat a few chocolate chips as dessert.

7:45 PM // I head to the office to work on my blog and a few other things.


8:36 PM // Pump. So fun.

9:56 PM // I hear Dash stir and fuss a little bit. But he falls quiet again and goes to sleep.

10:03 PM // I turn off my computer, brush and floss my teeth, and go to bed.