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an autumn salad


A few days ago, after Abby posted a picture on Instagram of a salad with apples, cheese, and onions, I could. not. stop. thinking about it. So when Chris stopped at the market yesterday I texted "GET SHARP CHEDDAR CHEESE" and was already thinking of the toasted walnuts I had in the freezer and the local apples in our fruit basket.

As I was eating the first few bites of this salad I knew it was going straight into my recipe binder; we need to remember this salad. It's sweet and toasty, creamy and crisp. Perfect for an autumn evening meal.

The salad came together within Dashiell's attention span so you know it's quick: chop lettuce, chop apple, chop onion, cube cheese. Give baby the apple core to gnaw while you divide it into bowls and top with toasted walnuts. We ate it with ceasar dressing because it's what we had on hand but a balsamic vinegarette would also be excellent.