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October 2013

I'm so excited to share my first post in a new series, The Photo Challenge Next Door. It's a collaboration that Erica, my favorite next-door-neighbor-blogger (NDNB for short?), and I have been cooking up as a way to conquer our scary DSLR cameras. We're both switching our cameras to manual mode and not looking back. (Eeek!) Every month we'll each share a photo that we took with our cameras in manual mode. There are sure to be some less than impressive photos. But we're committed to figuring things out and we can only get better from here (right?). I'll post... Read more →

This is my first Day in the Life post. I'm always curious to know what the everyday life of other people looks like so I thought it would be fun to share my own. Here's whay my day looked like on October 14, 2013: 3:07 AM // I hear Dashiell start to fuss. I wait to see if he'll put himself back to sleep but he continues to fuss. I blearily rise from bed, pad down the hall and scoop up that big, cute baby. I love holding his little pajama-ed body. I nurse him in the dark and then... Read more →

Starting a new novel and reading it obsessively. My ideal state in life is one in which I have a book that I eagerly look forward to reading and can't leave the house without. Where'd You Go, Bernadette is funny and sweet and I'm reading it in every spare moment I get. Yesterday morning I even set my Kindle on the bathroom counter while I blow dried my hair so that I could keep reading. Happy Friday! Read more →

{Team Wharton budget meeting} Last week I posted our updated budget. None of the numbers were a surprise but reviewing the dollar amounts did get me thinking about a few things: We should keep track of what we buy with the House/Baby/Fun allocations. This is a budget line item in both Chris's and my personal expenses category and covers everything from clothing to haircuts to doctor's co-pays to eating out to random trips to Home Depot and Target. Between the two of us we have $700 allocated to these expenses and I actually think we're spending more than that. It's... Read more →

Wearing my new Beco Gemini carrier and Loving that it supports my big baby and my back. Baking pumpkin swirl bread + fall vegetables to purrée for Dashiell . Enjoying sitting down as a family of three at the dinner table. Inspired to recreate a declicious walnut "meat" replacement that I had during a friend's restaurant grand opening. Reading Playtime Peekaboo, Indestructible books, and Babybug magazine (a sweet gift from my mom). Hoping to read a few books for myself soon, too. Thinking it's almost scarf weather (my favorite kind of weather). Planning Falliday! and Thanksgiving (we're hosting!). Ignoring the... Read more →

Do you also go through agony when deciding to stay home sick from work? It's an easy decision if I'm really sick but when it's allergies-turned-cold-no-voice-general-blah-ness it takes me an hour or more to finally make the call and send the necessary emails; even though I'm still going to call in to the meetings I have scheduled and even though I accrue sick time for exactly this situation. I was able to make my decision final this morning when I thought about what I think when I hear someone at work coughing and blowing their nose: "Ugh, they should have... Read more →