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welcome fall








Oh, fall, I am so happy to greet you! I'm so ready to put hot weather out of my mind and to embrace this season that I love.

In Arizona, autumn arrives first as a whisper of coolish air in the mornings and evenings, and it did right on time this weekend. Maybe it was that hint of change but I found myself drawn to the kitchen this weekend. I set beans to soak on Friday and boiled them up on Saturday. On Sunday, I made use of a zucchini that was lazing about in the fridge, having been reminded of a favorite zucchini-banana-flax meal muffin recipe that morning. My willingness to stand near a hot stove and oven is surely a sign that summer is over.

Dash wore long sleeves for the first time this season (although they were short lived due to a large amount of spit up) and Trader Joe's has certainly received the memo because the aisles are gloriously teeming with pumpkin everything (I heart you Trader Joe's). We were even able to go for a family walk on Sunday evening without fear that our baby or old dog would overheat. I couldn't stop telling Chris how wonderful the breeze felt.

Every summer I can't imagine that it will ever be anything but horribly hot, and every year I'm thrilled to be wrong. I'm sure there are still many hot days ahead of us, but they are numbered, and I like where we are going.

Happy fall!