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Have you heard of the progressive new movement in which you feed your baby his first solids with a spatula? No? Well, it's the hip new thing to do when you sit down to feed your baby and realize that you do not, in fact, own a baby spoon of any kind. Sorry, Dash! I've been meaning to order a set of utensils from At Home with Montessori but obviously have not checked that off my to-do list. So we were caught off guard this weekend when we started Dash on solids. He's just shy of his six month birthday... Read more →

I always bring my lunch to work. And by lunch I mean lunch and SNACKS. I never like to be without a snack, especially at work and when I'm traveling. At the office, by about 10 AM, I need something to get me through until lunch time. Lately, my go-to is peanut butter oatmeal; it's simple, protein-y, nutritious, and filling. Plus, oatmeal is supposed to support healthy lactation and I can certainly use some help since I have a hungy, hungry baby boy. I used to keep instant oatmeal at my desk, and it makes a great snack too, but... Read more →

Oh, fall, I am so happy to greet you! I'm so ready to put hot weather out of my mind and to embrace this season that I love. In Arizona, autumn arrives first as a whisper of coolish air in the mornings and evenings, and it did right on time this weekend. Maybe it was that hint of change but I found myself drawn to the kitchen this weekend. I set beans to soak on Friday and boiled them up on Saturday. On Sunday, I made use of a zucchini that was lazing about in the fridge, having been reminded... Read more →

I've got a new running buddy! Well, two actually: Dashiell and (the) BOB. I've been looking forward to taking Dash on runs with me since we got our BOB and last week I decided to try it out. The BOB instructions say to wait until a baby is six months old to transition them from their carseat, which can sit on top of the stroller, into the stroller seat. Since Dash has such great head and neck control and is a pretty long baby we tried out the regular stroller seat earlier. We've taken him on a few walks and... Read more →

After Dashiell was born I was taking pictures constantly but didn't have a consistent way to share them with family and friends. I didn't mind putting a few photos on Facebook but I didn't want that to be the primary way that I shared photos. I texted photos daily to my family and best friends but that required lots of back and forth replies and I felt like I was bombarding everyone. Plus, I couldn't keep track of which pictures I'd shared with someone already. Enter iPhone Photo Stream. A friend clued me into this iPhone feature and it's solved... Read more →

This guy. This smiley, silly, foot-grabbing guy is five months old. He radiates happiness and is such a joy to be around. His laugh is the most beautiful, musical sound and finding a new way to make him laugh is enough to engage me for hours. Sometimes when he's napping or has gone to sleep for the night Chris or I will say to each other, "I can't wait until he wakes up so I can hang out with him!" At five months Dashiell can grab a toy and bring it to his mouth and transfer a toy from one... Read more →

This is a post I've been wanting to write for a while and I think I've finally found the words because I'm gaining perspective. I want to describe the emotional roller coaster of postpartum emotions that I experienced, and continue to experience to some extent. It's not postpartum depression. I'm not exactly sure what to call it so I'm calling it postpartum emotions. I think most new moms probably experience it to some extent but very few of my mom friends have mentioned it, and then again I didn't talk to many people about it either, so I wanted to... Read more →

Guys! A goals post! It's been a while but I'm so ready to get back in the saddle. Still finding my rhythm but as I mentioned in this post I don't see a ton of free time suddenly opening up in my life right now so I need to do the best I can with what I've got. I think getting back to monthly goals will help me find time to do the things that made me me before Dash, like house projects, cooking and baking, and blogging. Also, September! We are two months away from several months of amazing... Read more →