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August 2013

Yesterday morning I went on a run and it totally sucked. But let me back up. Before going back to work I was starting to get back to an exercise routine and was fitting in 1-4 workouts per week (spin class and running) . And it felt great; I was surprised at how much I was enjoying running even though I'm heavier and slower than I used to be. I think it just felt great to be doing something again that is an important part of my identity. Now that I'm back to work my exercise routine has been one... Read more →

{No babies were donated} I love to organize, as you know, and since we moved in Chris and I have been on a quest to purge our entire house of stuff we don't need. I find superfluous stuff overwhelming in my environment. It makes it harder to keep the house clean because not every thing has a "home" and a cluttered environment can stress me out. The amount of stuff we accumulate and how much of it we don't need, despite continually trying to be intentional about the stuff we acquire, is mind boggling and makes me feel wasteful. I'm... Read more →

Dashiell is four and a half months old now and the introduction of solid foods, the start of weaning, is on our horizon. We plan to start solid foods around the time he is six months old, as recommended by the American Acadmey of Pediatrics. We will also follow Dashiell's lead and look for signs that he is ready such as showing interest in our food by reaching for it and being able to sit up without assistance. Cooking and eating is something so important to Chris and me so I'm really excited to start sharing this with Dashiell. One... Read more →