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Goals - September 2013


Guys! A goals post! It's been a while but I'm so ready to get back in the saddle. Still finding my rhythm but as I mentioned in this post I don't see a ton of free time suddenly opening up in my life right now so I need to do the best I can with what I've got. I think getting back to monthly goals will help me find time to do the things that made me me before Dash, like house projects, cooking and baking, and blogging.

Also, September! We are two months away from several months of amazing weather during which we will all proclaim our love for Phoenix again. I can't wait because I'm certainly not proclaiming any love right now. Especially as I see the blogosphere start to talk about fall and changing leaves. Bah humbug. AmIright, Erica? But football is starting up and I hear rumors that pumpkin spice lattes are back so I know we're close.

September goals:

+ Run one time per week. Tired, busy, slow, I don't care. One time per week.

+ Finish organizing my recipe binder. I talked about my recipe binder in this post and it's half way there. I'm getting together with a friend one weekend to finish organizing while our husbands watch the babies. My meal planning is still not what I want it to be but I'm working on it!

+ Participate in the Mondo Beyondo course. I'm stoked about this; I've considered taking this class before but hadn't thought of it in a awhile. Then a link in Meghan's blog post led me there last week and it just felt like the right time to take it - even though I've mentioned how little free time I have. I was also excited to learn that Meghan's taking the same class! 

Happy September!