Dashiell is my spirit animal
Preparing for Solid Foods

My favorite moments of the day


In the past two weeks we've fallen into a morning routine as I get ready for work and Chris prepares for his day at home with Dashiell. Around 5 AM Dashiell wakes and I breastfeed him in bed. When he's done he usually has a lot to say and is all smiles, especially when he sees Chris, so we lay in bed for a bit and wake up. After a few minutes of smiles and coos, Chris takes Dashiell in the BOB stroller for a walk with our old dog, Drew. While they're walking, I shower. About the time that I'm blow drying my hair the guys are back from their walk and Dashiell hangs out on his changing pad in our bathroom while I finish blow drying my hair and Chris showers. Dashiell and I chat about what he saw on his walk and the day ahead while I blow dry my hair. He has interesting things to say like "Oooooooo! Owwwwwwww, ehhhhhhhh". I'll change his diaper which always bring more smiles. This little guy loves to be naked!

Between 6 and 6:30 AM I bring Dashiell to the great room to nurse on the couch. And then begins my favorite time of the day: Chris brings me piping hot decaf coffee and sometimes toast with lemon curd (latest obsession) and Dashiell nurses in my arms while I sip coffee. I don't think about the work day or that I'm leaving the house soon. I just appreciate my beautiful, healthy baby, the fact that breastfeeding is going so well and I'm enjoying it so much, and that even though I'm up a lot at night at least there is delicious coffee in the morning. I watch Dashiell and read a couple of blog posts on my phone. Chris works on preparing bottles for the day, making my lunch, and packing my pumping bag (have I mentioned he's the awesomest?). The morning light is so nice and the house smells like coffee. It's such a sweet time with my baby boy; I'm finding myself looking forward to it every day. As he nurses, Dashiell drifts off to sleep and eventually is slumbering in my arms on his little starfish hands. Sometimes I put my face close to him and smell his sweet, milky smell. I hold him while he sleeps for awhile but eventually take him into the bedroom, swaddle him, rock him in my arms, and transfer him to his gliding swing where he'll keep napping.


As I lay him down and he leaves my arms the spell is broken and I have to keep getting ready for work and head out the door. But those quiet moments of being so close with Dashiell are with me all day until I get back to him. It's time that he has with me and no one else. Just Dashiell and Mama. It's my favorite and I'm already looking forward to tomorrow.