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July 2013

In the past two weeks we've fallen into a morning routine as I get ready for work and Chris prepares for his day at home with Dashiell. Around 5 AM Dashiell wakes and I breastfeed him in bed. When he's done he usually has a lot to say and is all smiles, especially when he sees Chris, so we lay in bed for a bit and wake up. After a few minutes of smiles and coos, Chris takes Dashiell in the BOB stroller for a walk with our old dog, Drew. While they're walking, I shower. About the time that... Read more →

So, I'm back at work. And it's going OK. It's a time of transition, which I knew it would be, but expecting it and living through it are very different. In some ways it's harder than I anticipated and in others easier. I thought that because I love my job and because I feel so good about the care Dashiell will get when I'm at work (for now he's with Chris all day and soon he'll be at the great daycare we've found) that going back to work wouldn't be so bad. And I guess it's not SO bad. I'm... Read more →